Board of 2018

Board of 2018

Maryclaire Anderson PresidentMaryClaire Anderson

Born in Venezuela in 1947, of one American parent and one Venezuelan parent, MaryClaire grew up bilingual, English/Spanish. She holds both a BA and an MA from Eastern Michigan University. She's worked as a waitress, department store salesperson, airline reservations, travel agent, real estate agent, handyman assistant, teacher (Martin County Schools) and Administrative Assistant. 

My goal is to be of service. My vision is tied to the vision of the Unity community, as together we forge a future for ourselves.


Don RowellDon Rowell
Vice President

"I became a member of Unity of Stuart in 1998 and in the following years I have shared my time, treasure and talent in just about every conceivable way. I play music, I've been Board President several times, I've chaired fundraising events, cleanups, painting and maintenance parties, etc....."

" I take ownership of the Center and hope my enthusiasm for service will inspire others to do the same. Unity has an important message for the world and I want to do my part to see that it blesses all that cross our threshold."


Linda Green SecretaryLinda Green

As a native Floridian, Linda has sat on various boards, such as Children’s Services Board of Broward County, Florida School Advisory Council, and Martin County Parks and Recreation Board. Since attending Unity of Stuart in 2004, she has served in several capacities: prayer chaplain, platform assistant, and most currently manager of The Spring Forth Campaign.

"Unity of Stuart has always held a special place in my heart. The love and fellowship along with the spiritual learning makes it a wonderful environment. I am overjoyed to be working with the new ministers, the other board members, as well as fellow congregants as we solidify our vision and bring synergy to creating the next steps for our growth. It is exciting times, and I have great expectations as Spirit moves us forward."


 Roberta ScottRoberta Scott

Roberta has been involved with Unity of Stuart since 2006 and became a voting member in 2011. She has a background in accounting and has volunteered in different capacities at Unity of Stuart. Roberta is a Prayer Chaplain here at Unity of Stuart. Roberta also volunteers with Treasure Coast Hospice.

Unity of Stuart is Roberta's spiritual family. She see Unity of Stuart as a prosperous, spiritual center focused on the consciousness of infinite possibilities, as we help each other be the change we want to see in the world.


Don RowellRay Rice
Member at Large

"I have been a resident o f Martin County since 1961. I was a single parent for my daughter Carol until adulthood. I discovered my spiritual home in Unity (at Fort Pierce) in 1986 . Became a member and a board member for several years. I have been a member of Unity of Stuart from 1995 . I have served several terms as a board member, two terms as president. I was active in the planning and building of this church also active in many building and caretaking projects. I helped coordinate and show many films for over seven years as First Friday Flicks."




Alisa Sanders-DaileyAlisa Sanders-Dailey
Member at Large

"I was born and raised in Miami, FL. I am married, a mother of two, and grandmother to one energized grand-love. I am a graduate from Miami Edison and went on to pursue a certification at Beacon Career Institute in Pharmacology as a Pharmacy Technician. This has given me years of experience which includes eleven years with Trustb ridge Hospice, Walgreens and now Florida Cancer Specialist."

"Since moving to the Treasure Coast I have been attending Unity of Stuart. This has been life saving for me spiritually and emotionally. I have served in the office and in other capacities at Unity of Stuart. I have taken many classes which have helped me to be better person. Unity of Stuart keeps me grounded in a way that I miss it when I am not there. I became a member to learn and grow, and now to be a part of the board will be a honor. I respect Rev. Jude in a big way and I am honored to serve as a Board Member."






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