Sunday Celebration Service 10:30 a.m.

Each week our music is shared by our
JoyFul Noise Band and Choir


All lessons shared by Rev. Jude unless noted

Youth and Family Ministry programs for ages infant to 18 yrs.

10:30 a.m.

Marrying Heaven and Earth Series

Pt. 1 Welcoming Heaven
February 16th

“As above, so below.”  “Be in this world, but not of it.” 
These are phrases we have often heard spoken,

but may wonder what they really mean and how they apply to our lives.
In our new series, we'll explore marrying heavenly ideas with our earthly experiences.
In Unity, we believe that in order to experience the Kingdom of Heaven,
which is a here-and-now conscious connection with the God Presence within,
some things simply must die away.
This Sunday we'll look at the two things that must give way
so that we can create the space within ourselves
to marry heavenly ideas with our earthly experiences.

Musical Inspiration offered by Joyful Noise
featuring Doreen Poreba


Pt. 2 - I Take Me
February 23rd
Pt 3 - Never Forgive Again
March 1st
Pt. 4 - The Gift of Heaven
March 8th