Sunday Celebration Service 10:30 a.m.

All lessons shared by Rev. Jude unless noted



Youth and Family Ministry programs for ages infant to 18 yrs.


10:30 Unity Service

Series Attitude Determines Altitude (ADA)

25 - Guest Speaker Jon Mundy
Healing the T(error)ist Within
Music by Sloan and Glenn
A Course in Mysticism & Miracles
1:00 PM Workshop 
8 - Easter Sunrise Service
10:30 Rise Up!
22 - ADA Pt 3 Be Attitudes Pt. 2
We continue with the second part of our explorations o f the Beatitudes.
29 - ADA Pt. 4 Decisions, Decisions
This Sunday, I extend and invitation.  It could be a life-altering invitation. 
It is simple invitation -- it is an invitation to decide -- right here this morning, simply decide  . . .
decide who you are, decide where you stand, and decide to see things differently.