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All lessons shared by Rev. Jude unless noted

Youth and Family Ministry programs for ages infant to 18 yrs.

10:30 a.m.
September Theme
Blueprinting, Building and Bridging
September 15th
Guest Speaker Rev. Elizabeth Longo
Living Abundance

This Sunday we welcome Rev. Elizabeth Longo to our community for her lesson on Abundant Living.

From Rev. Elizabeth: "You were meant to thrive and live abundantly. 
Discover the power that you have within and learn to tap into your natural state of abundance.
Within you is the Source of all creation.

"Start to embody the ancient secrets of a prosperity consciousness based on proven principles of truth.
Learn the latest practical spiritual technology to shift your mind and take a quantum leap into your best life now."

Elizabeth Longo is a Unity minister, an inspirational speaker and teacher who is passionate about self-realization and creating a world that works for all.
Her dynamic message speaks to the heart of who we are as unique and loving divine beings here on a soul’s journey to self discover and create new possibilities for ourselves and others.
Musical Inspiration offered by Joyful Noise
featuring  Mike Taylor
September 22nd
Pt.  3 – The Tools Needed
Hammers, saws, pliers, levels, drills, nail finishers and wrenches, as well as the “know how” to use these tools, are allnecessary to erect a new building or structure. 
Powerful spiritual tools and the “know how” to use them are needed to build a larger consciousness that makes us a welcoming space for our highest dreams and desires. 
This Sunday we’ll explore seven spiritual tools – the Sacred Seven – that will help you build that welcoming consciousness.
September 29th
Pt. 4 – Building the Life
We’ve blueprinted, we’ve bridged and we’ve employed the Sacred Seven spiritual tools. 
Today we use all of that as the springboard for building the life that is our answer to the Divine Invitation. 
It is a life that brings us joy and abundance, a life that serves the greater good, a life in which the Divine is expressed uniquely and powerfully as and through us.