Sunday Celebration Service 10:30 a.m.

Each week our music is shared by our
JoyFul Noise Band and Choir


All lessons shared by Rev. Jude unless noted

Youth and Family Ministry programs for ages infant to 18 yrs.

10:30 a.m.

A New Year, a New Decade!
Guest speaker Rev. Ron Neff
January 19th
From Ron's lesson this Sunday:

"A new year, a new decade!  Whatever it will bring…are we prepared? 
What is our vision for our life in the next ten years? Is it 20/20?
Do we see our path clearly or haven’t we even given it a thought. 
Maybe there are old habits we need to give up, maybe there’s a new path that is just waiting for us to take.
Could it be a time to be spiritually born anew, to put new wine into new skins? 
Lots of questions for us to contemplate.
Our Unity principles just might give us some guidance through all the unknowns.
Let’s explore that together this Sunday."

Musical Inspiration offered by Joyful Noise
featuring Donna Roselli


Pt. 2 Don’t take anything personally.
January 26th
Join us for
Special Music with Eddie Watkins Jr
Concert following service
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Pt. 3 Don’t make assumptions.
February 2nd

Pt. 4 Always do your best.
  ~End of Series

February 9th
Marrying Heaven and Earth Series
Pt. 1 Welcoming Heaven

February 16th
Pt. 2 - I Take Me
February 23rd
Pt 3 - Never Forgive Again
March 1st
Pt. 4 - The Gift of Heaven
March 8th