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In March and April we’ll explore how Jesus fits into contemporary spiritual spiritual beliefs.

Series Title - The Third Jesus

March 17th
The Third Jesus ~ Pt. 1 Who is Jesus?
The Cosmic Christ

"I believe that Jesus was not only real, but perhaps the most significant person in Western history," writes bestselling author Deepak Chopra in this amazing and thought-provoking book. He identifies three Jesuses: the historical man of flesh and blood who lived more than 2,000 years ago; the figure created by the church and its dogma and doctrines; and the radical mystical teacher who set out to transform the world. The last Jesus is "The Christ We Cannot Ignore" who lives in "our own awareness at the level of God-consciousness."

Chopra explains the implications of this third Jesus who exists beyond time and yet within each of us.

Jesus was very clear about the essentials of the spiritual life and they are in his teachings:

• Meditation — Going within to contact the silent mind.
• Contemplation — Reflecting on the truth.
• Revelation — Receiving spiritual insight.
• Prayer — Asking for higher guidance.
• Grace — Taking God into one's heart.
• Love — Participating in divine love.
• Faith — Believing in a higher reality.
• Salvation — Realizing that you have a place in higher reality.
• Unity — Becoming one with God.

We welcome you to engage in this work as we begin this series of Sunday talks at Unity of Stuart.


March 24th
The Third Jesus ~ Pt. 2 Opening to the Path


March 31st
The Third Jesus ~ Pt. 3  A New Way of Being


April 7th
The Third Jesus ~ Pt. 4 Where the Rubber Hits the Road


April 14th
The Third Jesus ~ Pt. 5 Expect Enlightenment


April 21st

6:30 Sunrise Service at Santa Lucia Beach

10:30 Service  Living the Easter Experience


April 28th
The Third Jesus ~ Pt. 6 Jesus Without Dogma