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October 25th

Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life
Pt. 5  Humble and Kind

This Sunday is the fifth part of our series based on Karen Armstrong's book Twelve Steps of Compassion.
We will be looking at Steps 7 How Little We Know and 8 How Should We Speak to Each Other?

A Karen Armstrong writes, “Western society is highly opinionated.
Our airwaves are clogged with talk shows, phone-ins, and debates in which people are encouraged to express their views on a wide variety of subjects.
This freedom of speech is precious of course, but do we always know what we are talking about?”

I think the answer to that question is not just no, but Nope, Nope, Nopity, Nope!

Our culture seems to be addicted to quick and easy answers; preferably ones that can fit into a 30-second sound bite. 
It’s a pervasive problem; it infects not just our politics but religion, sports, medicine, you name it. 
It’s as if we are afraid to admit that we don’t have all the answers or that perhaps there is no single one-size-fits-all answer. 
It’s as if we are afraid to acknowledge doubt and uncertainty.

This Sunday I warmly invite you to join us in the sanctuary or online as we look at the aspects of compassion that include being humble and kind.  
We may also practice saying, "I don't know."
Karen Armstrong's The Charter for Compassion  website
Where you can read the charter, see it on video, affirm the charter and find out how people around the world are implementing the charter.

From the book cover:
"Armstrong shares concrete methods to help us cultivate and expand on our capacity for compassion. 
She teaches us that becoming a compassionate human being is a lifelong project and a journey filled with rewards."

Big love,
Rev. Jude ❤

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John Pellicci
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A Course in Miracles
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