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January 17th

See No Stranger  Pt. 3 ~ Rage

We are in our third week of a series based on Kaur’s book See No Stranger:
A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love.

The moral principles of Revolutionary Love are the heart of this book. 
It is about bearing witness to the horrors that happen,
being present to people through those horrors,
and then doing the work to transform and reimagine.

That transformation even involves your opponents.
Kaur sees it is perfectly legitimate to rage against the wrongs of the world,
even to direct your rage, for a time, at those who perpetrate such wrongs.
But then if you have processed your own rage,
you have to be ready to listen, and finally to reimagine.
Kaur sees it as a compass, a tool that can guide one’s engagements at home and in the world…

In the book’s introduction, Valarie writes: 
Tending the wound is about learning how to love even our opponents.
When we rage in safe containers to tend to our own wounds and listen to understand theirs,
we can gain the information we need to reimagine solutions.

*Kaur is a Sikh activist, filmmaker, and civil rights lawyer – who grew up in Clovis, CA, on her family’s farm – and whose life trajectory dramatically shifted in the aftermath of 9-11
(which occurred when she was a junior at Stanford University).

I warmly invite you to join us this Sunday as we continue the work of seeing no stranger.

Big Love,
Rev. Jude

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John Pellicci
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See No Stranger  Pt. 3 ~ Rage
Our latest Sunday Lesson
Streamed live on Jan. 17th 2021


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