Unity Forgiveness Balancing

 Unity Forgiveness Balancing

Our co-founder Myrtle Fillmore was diagnosed with tuberculosis and told that she would always be ill.  For many years she shrouded her symptoms with a variety of remedies.  After hearing a Christian Science practitioner speak, she began to try mystical practices.  One story tells us that she sat with an empty chair across from her where she pictured Jesus sitting.  She then began a forgiveness practice in which she forgave herself and each of her body parts for thinking ill thoughts.  The story is told that within a period of two years she began experiencing dramatic physical changes.

Our unity teaching is founded on prayer and self-forgiveness.  We have found that the deepest point of most healing is rooted in forgiveness, primarily self-forgiveness.  In our experience, practicing forgiveness is a clear and necessary step in moving toward what we want more of. 

The Mayo clinic has listed the following benefits of practicing forgiveness: lower blood pressure, stress reduction, less hostility, better anger management skill, lower heart rate, lower risk of alcohol or substance abuse, fewer symptoms of depression, reduction in chronic pain, more friendships, healthier relationships, greater spiritual well-being.

Forgiveness paves the way so that we can experience more of the life and love that we desire.  

Unity Forgiveness Balancing is designed to support your spiritual well-being.  Along with prayer, meditation, bodywork, counseling and engaging in spiritual community, Unity Forgiveness balancing is a powerful tool for your spiritual growth.


What is Unity Forgiveness Balancing?

Beyond the body is an energy field the ancients called the ‘aura.’  This energy field holds the imprints, impressions, conditionings, habitual thoughts and feelings, and ancestral/genetic make up of who you think you are, how you perceive reality and how you interface with your life.  We believe that there is a direct link between a balanced, vital and uncluttered energy field and your well being – in body, mind, heart and spirit.  

Unity Forgiveness Balancing creates the opportunity for each individual to drop the stories of their life and embody your Divine Self.  There is a self beyond the body and this self can help each of us live as a fully awakened spiritual being while walking the earth.  We are wired for holiness!  Clearing our energy field of what no longer serves our higher self is a joyous process. 

A Unity Forgiveness Balancing session enables the client to resolve limiting beliefs, dissolve energy blocks, clarify psychological confusion, integrate spiritual dimensions and align mind, heart, body with your higher Divine Nature.

The effects of a Unity Forgiveness Balancing are often subtle but can be dramatic. The benefits can include:

  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • increasing your energy
  • improving your physical health and wellness
  • obtaining perceptual clarity
  • experiencing deep relaxation and bliss
  • receiving greater joy and confidence
  • gaining greater enthusiasm and ease in daily living
  • expanding your sense of well-being
  • awakening you to your holiness and assisting you toward the fulfillment of your spiritual promise.

Unity Forgiveness Balancing is offered for a suggested love offering of $75 per session.

Rev. Jude trained with Shara Moscinska, MA, LPCC, and Dr. Robert Waterman.  Shara is a faculty member at Southwestern College, a graduate of the Quimby Amenti Mystery School and the Noetic Field Therapy Practitioner Program. Shara developed, along with Rev. Jude, the Mystery School and Balancing Practitioner program at Unity Spiritual Center in Albuquerque, NM, mentored and supervised by Dr. Waterman.  Dr. Waterman is the founder and president emeritus of Southwest College. He developed Noetic Field Balancing from his experience as a student at Quimby Center, thirty years of clinical experience, and academic work as founder and president of Southwestern College.


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