2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

Unity o f Stuart

Annual Meeting Minutes February 2 6 , 2 0 1 7

Meeting Called to Order @ 1 2 :1 8 p m

Opening Prayer                                                                                                  Rev Jude

Roll Call/Quorum Count                                     Natalie Rodriguez & Laura Ba ttelli

Attendance - 5 0

We have a Quorum - YES

Reading 2 0 1 6 Meeting Minutes

Motion to dispense with the reading o f the past minutes: By Connie

Second: Sandy

Passed unanimously

Approval o f Minutes

Motion to approve the Meeting Minutes By Connie

Second Ma uren e

Passes unanimously

President’s Report                                                                                       Diana Hess

Minister’s Report                                                                                               Rev Jude

Financial Report                                                                                       Roberta Scott

Slides attached


With special mention o f the completion o f 4 years o f service b y Charlie Drewes.

2 0 1 8 Nominating Team                                                                      Diana Hess
Member: Susan Ellis

Alternate: Peggy Bennett

Acknowledgement o f Team                                                                         Rev Jude

Special vote

Because o f the timing o f Laura Ba telli’s retirement, and Diana Hess’ hiring a s the bookkeeper a t Unity o f Stuart, and the fact that there were n o other nominees the board o f directors opted to give the membership a choice a s to how to proceed. ( See attached).

Diana was voted onto the board with the knowledge that she would resign o n o r about March 2 0 to take the position o f bookkeeper. The vote was 3 5 to 1 3 in favor o f Option 1 allowing the board o f directors to fulfill its duty according to the bylaws.

Q&A                                                                              Rev Jude & Diana Hess

Motion to Adjourn                                                                                        Diana Hess

“May I please have a motion to adjourn the meeting?”

First – Linda

Second – Don

Adjourned at 1 :3 2 p m


Pertinent Bylaw and Options o n proceeding to fill the upcoming vacant position o n the board o f directors o f Unity o f Stuart

Section 4.05 Board of Directors – Vacancy and Replacement.

Replacement. Should a vacancy occur on the Board of Directors, the board shall proceed to fill the vacancy by ballot at its next regular meeting. In case of emergency, a special meeting may be called. Only persons meeting the qualifications specified i n Section 4.04 ( a) [ Qualifications] may be considered for replacements. N o replacement shall have served as a Director during the year prior to their election. A majority vote of those present shall be necessary to elect. The term shall expire on the day of the next annual meeting. A person elected i n this manner i s not considered to have served a complete term.

Please read through and prepare to vote as to which option you prefer

1 . G o through with the election. D resigns on or before March 20. The board will begin immediately to search for a qualified candidate to appoint. At the next regular board meeting on April 19, the board appoints that person for a

1-year term.


2. D withdraws her nomination at the Annual Meeting. We schedule a special membership meeting for Sunday April 23. The nominating team - Don Rowell, Linda Green and Reverend. Jude search for two candidates to stand for election on April 23. This will be a three-year term.

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