Wish List

Celebrate Abundance through Giving at Unity

In Unity, we know the experience of receiving the blessings of God through giving. We are grateful for the generosity of Spirit that expresses through those who give of their time, talent and treasure at Unity of Stuart. Here is an opportunity to place yourself more into the flow of Divine Abundance by giving above and beyond your normal giving.

Additional expenses to support and defer cost of the following are needed:


Prosperity Affirmation:  I am one with the all-providing love of God that assures me of abundance.





Help Us Save for a Rainy Day!

We invite you to save your change for the maintenance of our beloved building.

Pick up one bucket per family, take it home, fill it with change, bring back to our center and pour it into the silver gutter!

We are grateful!




Unity Wish List & Thank You's

We have created a Unity Wish List that identifies those services and items that will enhance our experience here at Unity of Stuart.

Knowing that we live in a prosperous and abundant universe, it is with gratitude that we provide this list for those who have a desire and the means to contribute above and beyond their love offerings and tithes.

Thank you for holding this list in prayerful consideration and for practicing the prosperity consciousness that so abundantly blesses this community and each member.

Our Unity “Wish List”

We are sometimes asked by community members if there are services and items that we have a need for.
And the answer is Yes!

The items listed below are just a few of the things that allow us to continue our day-to-day operations and facility enhancement.

Gutters - $1,600
Roof Repair - $750
Tile Floor Cleaning - $500

We are seeking to livestream our Sunday Celebration service on Facebook.
If you would like to support this initiative, please consider donating $50 for this livestream setup.

Thank you for holding this in prayerful consideration and for practicing the prosperity consciousness that so abundantly blesses this community and each member!

We appreciate Johanna Mabee for her dedication to keeping our outdoor plants and meditation garden beautiful!
Thank you Johanna Mabee!

We appreciate Cheryl and Mike Lezovich for donating a replacement canopy for our patio.
Thank you, Cheryl and Mike!

Contributions for Outside Landscaping 
Received!  Thank you!

Contribution Doll House for Youth and Family Ministry - $100-$200
Received!  Thank you!

Commercial Vacuum Cleaner - $400
Received!  Thank you!

Drum Shield for our Drum Set  
Received!  Thank you!

70" Television Monitor for back wall in our Sanctuary
Received! Thank you!

Blu Ray/DVD Player for Movie Night
Received! Thank you!

Contributions of Laptop Computer and 2 backup drives.
Received!  Thank you!

Contributions for outdoor landscaping and tree maintenance.  
All 35 Cabbage Palms cleaned!  Thank you!

We live in gratitude!