Positive Affirmations




My faith is unshakable for it is anchored in God.


Having faith in Source, I am filled with strength and assurance.


I step forth in faith!


I have faith, knowing that with God, nothing is impossible.


Through my unwavering faith, I am filled with peace and joy.


My faith increases in an ever-growing awareness of the divine infinite.



A refreshing, healing flow of forgiveness fills me and overflows from me.


I forgive fully and freely, and my mind is at peace


With Spirit’s help, I release the past and live in the now.


I am forgiving, loving, gentle and kind to everyone


I practice understanding and compassion.


I grow more patient and understanding of others by forgiving myself.


I forgive so that I can have inner peace.





I live in the now, giving thanks for the blessings each day contains.


Today, I am finding ways to be grateful for what I have while also being excited for what has yet to transpire.


I trust that the universe is supporting the highest good possible. For these reasons, I choose to see this as a season in my life and will appreciate it.


I am grateful for the abundance of goodness that is present in my life.


I am grateful for every opportunity that comes my way.


I am grateful for all the experiences I’ve had in my life thus far.


I am grateful to be alive.




Divine love instills wisdom within me.  I follow a divinely directed path.


Divine spirit is guiding me to my own right place.


The powerful presence of God is guiding, sustaining, and uplifting me.


God is my source of wisdom.  I trust God to reveal right answers.


In sweet surrender, I turn everything over to Spirit.


I listen to the indwelling wisdom and courage of Spirit.


I let go and let God, opening the way for a divine solution.




I am renewed, refreshed, and revitalized.


Divine healing life fills me and restores me.  I am whole.


I think thoughts and speak words of health and wholeness.


I am alive and filled with vitality of divine life!


The life of God renews my mind and body.  I am well.


Divine life flows through me as radiant health.


I bless my body in prayer, and my body blesses me.




I greet each day with a joyful heart.


I am filled with joy, for the power of the Divine infinite is within me.


I relax, release and enjoy the wonder of the present moment.


I joyfully celebrate my blessings.


I am filled with the unquenchable joy of spirit!


I am grateful for the little things in life that bring me joy.




In the stillness of my heart, I tune in to the healing, transformative power of love.


I am the love of God in expression. 


I receive love graciously and reflect it to the whole world.


I am guided in infinite wisdom and prospered in divine love.


The harmonizing spirit of Love fills me and over flows from me to others.


I am a radiating center of divine love.


I infuse my relationships with love and harmony.




The peace of God soothes my mind and emotions.


I am One in God and I face each day filled with peace.


Divine love fills my heart with peace.


I live the peace and happiness I am created to experience now!


I live from the peace of God within me.


God’s love and peace flow through me to bless others.


Divine love enfolds me in peace.




I am aligned with Divine Infinite Abundance I allow Spirit to reveal my unique gifts and the way I share them with the world


My thankful heart leads me to absolute abundance.


I attract good and good is attracted to me now.


I gratefully receive


All my needs are instantly constantly and bountifully met.


The door to new blessings stands open before me.


All is in divine order, for Spirit is actively at work in my life.


The Real Me


The real me is a wise, healthy, flexible, and free spiritual being!


I am an expression of divine love, wisdom, life and abundance


I live life as a celebration of the divine life as me!


I am a spiritual being living out my true reality.


I am an expression of the One, living and learning in a world of great possibilities.


Today and every day, I welcome the new me I am becoming.


My words are treasures of the heart, for they speak of harmony and love.




I see Divine Light in all people and circumstances.


I am united with others in a divine kinship.


I bless others by knowing the Christ presence is within them.


I joyfully declare my oneness in spirit with all humankind.


I live and work in harmony with others.


I behold the spirit of God in myself and in others.


I know there is only one of us in Divine Mind.