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Wednesday Night Connection with Rev. Jude
Time: Apr 1, 2020 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
on Zoom

Blessings of health, wholeness and peace to you and yours. 

You are warmly invited to connect with me and members of our spiritual community tonight at 6:30 through Zoom.

Click on the link below and join me for 20- 30 minutes of connection, prayer and meditation. 

Join Zoom Meeting link here

Meeting ID: 819 061 711

I'll be in the room at 6:15ish. See you then

Please reach out to me HERE if we can support you in any way.

So much love,
Rev. Jude ❤️



The Meetings Below Will Be Rescheduled


Community Open Mic Reading
With Author Cynthia Graves

Author Cynthia Graves

Open to all writers!!

Cynthia Fraser Graves


Vibrational Voyages

If you're feeling stressed, in need of a tune-up, or would just
like to bathe yourself in a beautiful musical vibration,
this is for you!
You are invited to join Doreen Poreba and David Crandall as they take
you on a journey into sound and vibration. Often referred to as a sound
bath or sound meditation, this experience is intended to help move your
mind, body and spirit back into vibrational harmony and balance
your entire being.

The cost is $15. Please sign up and pay in the gift store
and please note that it always sells out.

You will experience the sounds, frequencies and vibrations of a
combination of various instruments, including Tibetan singing bowls,
gongs, chimes, bells, tuning forks, and Native American Flutes.

 Please arrive on time to get settled
with your yoga mat.

To prevent disruption, no one will be permitted
to enter after 7 p.m.
Thank you!

Armand and Angelina
A Musical Variety Show

International performers and recording artists, Armand and Angelina have been
living their dream together since 2001. They offer a fantastic, uplifting show, full of
humor, passion for life and love for each other. Their music is a unique blend of rock
and opera incorporating Native American flute. It’s been coined a variety show because
their performance is filled with music, comedy, dance and more. Come see them and
learn a new twist on giving and receiving. They love giving away stuff!

Musical Service

Armand and Angelina will be offering morning of Music, Message and Mirth
to create a once in a lifetime experience of love, laughter and music.

Native Flute Playshop

 Are you ready to play the Native American Flute?
For centuries people have been mesmerized by the hypnotic sounds from
these gentle, easy to play flutes. Whether you have a musical background
or have always wanted to play a musical instrument, this playshop is for YOU.
 Please join us for a fun, magical day of music.
$20  Suggested Offering
We will have flutes available or you may purchase one from us.

Visit Armand and Angelina online


Teddy Bear March

In March, we invite you to bring to Unity of Stuart a new Teddy Bear or stuffed animal of your choice.
We will keep them in the sanctuary and every Sunday we will bless them with our love.

On the last Sunday in March, Camelot Community Care will pick
them up and provide them to families and children who have experienced trauma,
with the hope and prayer that the children will feel comforted by your gift of love.

Please No Oversized Bears


The Youth and Family Ministry
is having a fundraiser for their rallies and retreats.

Come to the gift store to check out the display
and place your order.


YFM Team
The Youth and Family Ministry
is calling for you to serve on our YFM team.
Our youth numbers are growing and you have the opporutnity to help them remember who they are - beings of love, light and wisdom! 
Look into your heart and see if you are called to serve in this very special ministry. 
Make a difference in a young person's life!

If you would like to become a YFM team member, please sign up at the information table

If you would like to become a YFM team member,
please sign up at the information table. 
We are offering a paid Sunday position. 
If you'd like to serve as a floater on Sunday mornings, supporting a lead teacher, please contact Rev. Jude  HERE 
Time commitment: 2 hours per Sunday 10 a.m. - Noon ~ $12.50 an hour.




Opening the awareness of God
Facilitated by John Pellicci

Book StudyNew Book
Facilitated by
Rev. Jude Denning

"Many Lives Many Masters"
by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.


more info


Reiki at Unity of Stuart
- Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy balancing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and fosters healing.
- You may set an intention for the session if you like, but it is not necessary.
- Sessions at Unity of Stuart are about 10-15 minutes.
- Reiki energy is channeled through the practitioner's hands which will be held above several points around your head, shoulders, arms and/or hands.  
- If you prefer the practitioner avoid any area, let them know before or during the session.
- Feel free to take a few minutes of reflection after the session before moving on to the rest of your day.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact
Tony Haigh

Cheryl Roby


Yoga for Inner Peace

Level 1 Class

1 hour of poses, 1/2 hour of meditation/ yoga nidra

Chair Yoga Class

1/2 hour of chair yoga, 1/2 hour of meditation/ yoga nidra


Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket, and water.

Nancy Miller- Teacher 
Have questions? Contact 772-214-0892



Hospitality Food
for Sundays in

We are asking that 3 people each Sunday bring in their favorite food to donate.
There is a sign up sheet available on the information table

To learn more about all the upcoming events going on at Unity of Stuart, click the links on the Upcoming Events menu. 

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