Unity of Stuart Prayer Chaplains

Unity of Stuart is committed to reaching out in prayer, comfort and support to our congregation because doing so supports our mission and vision. As our ministry con­tinues to grow, our prayer chaplains are invaluable in helping to meet the pastoral care needs of our congregation. We invite you to prayerfully consider stepping into this powerful area of service for our ministry.

Completing prayer chaplain training and serving as a prayer phaplain is transformative soul work. It is a unique service that differs from many of our other volunteer opportunities in terms of the level of commitment and responsibilities required.

Many of our prayer chaplains report that they stepped in to serve others, but found that being a prayer chaplain blessed and benefitted themselves most of all. It is a role that will help you discover your greatness and the greatness of others. It may very well be one of the most rewarding spiritual growth experiences you have on your journey.

Our Prayer Chaplain Program empowers congregants to pray with one another. Prayer chaplains are members of our church who:

  • create and hold sacred space.
  • listen from the heart.
  • hold what is heard in the strictest confidence.
  • pray out loud with congregants.
  • maintain a daily prayer practice that includes holding sacred space for the prayers submitted by congregants.




Amy Neff 
Prayer Chaplain Program Coordinator
Email: solivitamy@msn.com


If you or a family member is going into the hospital and/or would like a visit from a Prayer Chaplain
please  contact the office at 772-286-3878 or email.