Meet our Music Director

 Albert Miller

Albert is an award winning singer-songwriter from the New Jersey metropolitan area. He has been performing since the late fifties.  Among his first studio experiences are sessions with The Angels (My Boyfriend’s Back) and other notables of that era.  His band, The Valiants, were a regular feature at the New York World’s Fair. In the late sixties he joined the hit group The Critters of “Younger Girl” and “Mr. Dyingly Sad” fame.  Albert helped form a new group, Men Working, which was signed by Richie Haven’s MGM Company, Stormy Forest.

During that period, he worked with such acts as The Cowsills, The Rascals, The Lemon Pipers, and Rod Stewart.  Changing the group’s name to Brandywine, he moved to Brunswick Records. His Brunswick Records album “Brandywine, AGED” remains a well-reviewed collectors’ favorite. He has written for movies, short films, and commercials.

In the mid seventies Albert teamed with moviemaker and computer artist, Lillian Schwartz, to write soundtracks for her computer-generated animations.  These experimental films were shown around the world.  Two films, “Kinesis” and “Pictures From a Gallery” were featured at the Cannes Film Festival and received the prestigious Cine 1976 Golden Eagle Award from the United States Government.  Her experimental computer video work at Bell Laboratories led to what are now considered to be the first rock videos.

Albert continues today with one of the Treasure Coast’s most popular groups “Mystery Lane”. Formerly The Critters, the group has featured artists from other well-known groups, (The Four Seasons, Tommy James and the Shondells).  He writes and performs Positive Music for his JoyFul Noise Choir and Band and has been honored by the selection of his song, “All Over Me” for the UNITY Songbook Shine On!. The release of his most recent CD “This is the Time” includes eleven of Albert’s most uplifting positive songs. The album features several duets with members of The JoyFul Noise Choir.


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