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Rev Jude Denning

All services are led by Rev. Jude Denning unless otherwise indicated ❤️


May 7  - Create Your Life - This Sunday we take a look at how to create a life of our own design.  A key aspect of creating our life is to BE  PRESENT.  We can't be present unless and until we release the past and become present to this moment. Imagine driving somewhere while looking in your rearview mirror the whole time!   If you are someone who replays scenes over and over in you mind, please consider this your sign to release the past.  We'll also look at five required lessons of the journey. 

May 14 – Ask, Seek, Knock Current science tells us that our brains can change and that we can "re-wire" them in powerful ways.  Scans show us that we have the power to consciously change our brains and improve our brain functioning in far less time than previously thought.  Meditation has been scientifically proven to create subtle but significant changes in mere months.  Join us as we look at how God changes our brains. 

May 21 – Jump Start Your Imagination - The "good life" is not achieved by seeking to "be happy" in the sense that this word is most  frequently used - to describe the absence of unpleasant experiences.  To be fully alive, to live the "good life," we are called to be open to all dimensions of life - those we call good and those we  call  unpleasant.  Join us this Sunday as we use our imaginations to do just that. 

May 28Highest Divine Life  - Guest Speaker - Amy Steinberg - Amy reminds us that everything is unfolding for the highest good! With stories and experiences from her life, using humor and New Thought principles, Amy makes clear the lyrics from her most popular song, Exactly: I am exactly where I need to be, I need to be exactly where I am. Remembering that the Great Divine Love is guiding us with every step, Amy is grateful to be delivering this uplifting message of joy. 

Amy Steinberg

Amy Steinberg is a singer, songwriter and music minister, with a gift for spontaneous expression. She has been involved in the New Thought world for over a decade now, with stints as Musical Director for Centers in Boca Raton, San Diego and Charlotte. She loves to travel and perform, spreading the message of these great teachings. 




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Joyful Noise Band

Our music is shared by Joyful Noise Band and Choir

Don Rowell, Doreen Poreba, Jen Erickson,

Chuck Chase and Tracy Wolters

Our Choir

Joyful Noise Choir

Front Row: Charlie Drewes, Jane Conroy, Roberta Scott, Diane Brecker Murphy

Back Row: Sandy Rowell, Jill Wattles, Julia Avitable, Mike Taylor


Meditative Service

Sundays at 8:00 a.m.

Masks are optional
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John Pellicci

Join John each Sunday for a teaching to awaken your natural state of peace and clarity.
Drawing from A Course In Miracles, and other non-dual teachings that point directly to the heart of Being,
John helps you to unveil your immediate connection to the Source of All.
We begin by first stilling the mind with meditation,
followed by a practical teaching drawn from the timeless wisdom traditions, and then a brief Q & A.

Love Offering gratefully received


A Course in Miracles

Monday Night in-person classes
7:15 - 8:30 p.m. also offered on facebook

Thursday night 7:00pm ACIM
class continues on Zoom

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