2022 Unity Board of Directors

Board of 2022

Linda HartLinda Hart

Unity Background: Involved in Unity for approximately 40 years and member first at Unity of Ft. Pierce and now Unity of Stuart. Served on the boards of both churches; President at Unity of Stuart and V.P. at Unity of Ft. Pierce. Have served as a Sunday School teacher in both churches. Currently serving as a Platform Assistant and Usher at Unity of Stuart.

Relevant Background: Have been a manager in various segments of pharmaceuticals and had considerable training in leadership, team building, coaching, strategic planning and managing a budget. Headed the Leadership Development Program for the region for several years. In these roles ran/facilitated several meetings/workshops towards productive outcomes. Prior to that was a Dental Hygienist and served as the President of the state association after moving up the chairs. In these roles teamwork, collaboration, budgeting and planning were key.

Why I would like to serve: Several things happened that struck a cord with me lately. Rev. Jude’s talk on service was one of them. And while I see this as an opportunity to serve and give back, I also appreciate the opportunity to continue to hone the skills developed in my previous careers. Don’s comment (following Rev. Jude’s lesson) was another one. He stated that he served on the board because he cared about the direction of the church. I care a lot about the direction of the church and would welcome being part of the process; an adventure of listening, learning, contributing, collaborating and ultimately making things happen.

Lastly, any new experience offers the opportunity for spiritual growth. This would be a good, worthwhile journey on which to grow.


Don RowellDon Rowell
Vice President

"I attended Unity service in 1996 to play special music on a Sunday, not knowing anything about the Unity philosophy.  Little did I know how my life would change from that day forward.

The one principal - that our thoughts create our reality and that if you are not happy with your life, change your thoughts - was eye opening for me. Unity helped me see that I was responsible for the circumstances of my life.  I have tried to create my own heaven here on earth ever since.

I have been involved at Unity of Stuart in some capacity (Music team, Board member, Fundraising, etc.) since I became a member because I believe the Unity philosophy is a way to a better life for the individual and for all in the world."


Sharon Dudley-WilkenNikki Melby







Nancy BockNancy Bock

I attended Unity of Stuart for several years before becoming a member in June 2017. I am a member of the Prayer Chaplain Ministry. I videotape Sunday Lessons. I participate in the A Course in Miracles study group, Elizabeth Froehling’s Book group discussion and have taken several of Rev. Judes’s prosperity classes.

I am seeking to become a part of our Board of Directors. Unity of Stuart is an important part of the fabric of my life. I continue to freshen mu beliefs with new perspectives based on Unity principles. I am eager to learn as I go while remaining open to the exploration of my own talents.

I look forward to working with other Unity members who are devoted to the prosperous growth of our center and who stay committed to providing a spiritual sanctuary for all people who desire to gather in prayer, worship, and community.

Finally, and most importantly, I desire to give back what I am so richly receiving as a member of our center. Thank you!


Ray RiceRay Rice
Member at Large

"I have been a resident o f Martin County since 1961. I was a single parent for my daughter Carol until adulthood. I discovered my spiritual home in Unity (at Fort Pierce) in 1986 . Became a member and a board member for several years. I have been a member of Unity of Stuart from 1995 . I have served several terms as a board member, two terms as president. I was active in the planning and building of this church also active in many building and caretaking projects. I helped coordinate and show many films for over seven years as First Friday Flicks."





Connie CoxConnie Cox
Member at Large

I was raised in the Philadelphia area, and graduated from the Univ of Penn.

After 15 years of marriage, I became a single mom, with four beautiful kids. I went back to school, adding to my degree, and became an RN, with licenses in NJ, PA and FL. I have had a 30-year nursing career, including supervisory & representation skills as a union delegate.

Having studied energy healing with Barbara Brennan, I earned both graduate & masters degrees. I am a certified healing touch practitioner, and a reiki practioner and ran the practice at the Princeton Center for Yoga and Health, for 8 years.

Coming to Unity of Stuart in 2013, i attended a gardening meeting at the invitation of Dusty McPherson. She invited me to church the next sSnday. I fell in love - the people, the principles, and the metaphysics, which awaken a deep sense of everyday spirituality within me!

I became a member that year, and prayer chaplain (now 6yrs), and met my loving husband Charlie. I have attended many classes & events, and i realize the importance, and depth of enrichment and spirituality this church offers us all!

I am a past chair of the Unity of Stuart's women's group (1 year)

Active in PSL rotary affairs for 6 years (the rotary club of PSL), i am chairman of "Josh the Otter" preschool water safety. Teaching 4000 preschoolers, earning me a Paul Harris fellowship, the highest honor bestowed upon Rotarians.

I love the teachings of Jesus, the music and the people here, and it would be an honor to serve on your board of directors, working with Rev. Jude, and using the teachings of Jesus, and the lessons of my life, to carry out my responsibilities to the congregation.

I look forward to serving on the board of directors, working with Rev. Jude, and using the lessons of my life to carry out my responsibilities to the congregation.



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