Acoustic Music Jam

When: 2nd Saturday of every month
from 7:30pm to 9:30pm
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Lend your voice, musical talents, a desire to learn to play and your playful nature to create a safe space to jam, sing, and have fun!  This is an "ego free" zone, so all musical interests, skill levels and ages are welcome.  Bring smiles, laughter and the love of music.
If you have hand percussion instruments, bring them along for rhythm players.
This is a social gathering as well, so BYOB (alcohol ok) and a snack to share.
The group welcomes musicians and wanna be musicians and music enthusiasts of all stripes...  artists, entertainers, singers, songwriters,  drummers and anyone who enjoys listening to and/or playing live acoustic music.
Our friendly guidelines:
1.  All skill levels and musical genres are welcome. Relax and have fun!
2.  Please bring a snack to share and your favorite beverage.
3.  We ask for a donation to the church for use of the space.
4.  We move clockwise around the circle. When it's your turn, knock 'em dead with your music of choice.
5.  This is a sing/play along jam, so if you have the words, chords, or play a well known tune, others will more than likely join in.
6.  Don't overpower the song leader with voices, instruments or percussion.
7.  This is an ACOUSTIC jam.  However, we allow small personal battery powered amps for those that feel they need it.